I went back to my childhood home of Brixham, Devon to speak to Matthew Bannister for the Folk on Foot podcast. He was great company on a hot and hazy day in the English Riviera; we spoke about life, musical influences, songwriting and my slowly-dwindling record collection. I’m surprised to say I didn’t come across as too much of a rambling buffoon. You can find the episode on your favourite Podcast app or at - hope you enjoy x

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Dear folks,

Your support these past twelve months has been wild.  Thank you!  I’m really pleased to tell you that this September, I’ll head back out on the road for some intimate shows in the UK & Ireland, with special guests to be announced along the way!  I’m excited to get back on tour and play these songs for you, as they’ve evolved into new forms, beyond the album recordings… I’ll also try out some new tunes, before I commit them to tape.  It’s always good to see if you guys like them, before I put them on an album! 

A few weeks back I received my first invitation to Schwangri-La to play some tunes and build a new pedalboard with Dan & Mick at That Pedal Show.  The reception was warm and friendly and I entered Geek Heaven with a smile on my face. 

You can check out our special here.

I also donated a track to the Fylde Guitars compilation ‘Strings That Nimble Leap’, featuring everyone from Nic Jones to Lisa Hannigan & Graham Coxon.  All the profits are going to music-related charities - you can get your copy at

Summer has begun in earnest (though not according to the British weather report, apparently) and I’m gearing up for action as we head into July.  I’ll be heading to Austria for Arbogast Folk Festival, before returning for a one-off show in Blackpool and then joining the Gomez bus to open up on their Liquid Skin celebration tour… then I’m returning to Canada’s Edmonton Folk Festival and visiting Tønder Festivalin Denmark for the first time.  I’ll also be at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival and Folk East here in the UK! 

I hope to see some of you out there.  I also hope to avoid sunburn.  It’s tough out there for gingers mate.

See you along the road xx


29 Jun -- Folkfestival Arbogast, AUT TICKETS
06 Jul -- Blackpool, UK TICKETS
18 Jul -- Bexhill-on-sea, UK + TICKETS
21 Jul -- London, UK + TICKETS
23 Jul -- Sheffield, UK + TICKETS
24 Jul -- Glasgow, UK + TICKETS
26 Jul -- Manchester, UK + TICKETS
09-11 Aug -- Edmonton Folk Fest, CAN TICKETS
13 Aug -- Vancouver, CAN TICKETS
16 Aug -- Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, UK TICKETS
17 Aug -- FolkEast, UK TICKETS
22-23 Aug -- Tønder Festival, DE TICKETS
27 Sep -- Dublin, IE TICKETS
28 Sep -- Cork, IE TICKETS
29 Sep -- Cork, IE TICKETS
04-06 Oct -- Ullapool Guitar Festival TICKETS
19 Oct -- London, UK TICKETS
20 Oct -- Exeter, UK TICKETS
25 Oct -- Carlisle, UK TICKETS
26 Oct -- Hebden Bridge, UK TICKETS
27 Oct -- Bristol, UK TICKETS
29 Oct -- Sheffield, UK TICKETS
30 Oct -- Leeds, UK TICKETS
31 Oct -- Glasgow, UK TICKETS
01 Nov -- Hartlepool, UK TICKETS
03 Nov -- Chester, UK TICKETS

+ with GOMEZ


UK-based critically-acclaimed folk maestro John Smith, whose brilliant new album Hummingbird was released on March 22nd via Commoner Records/Thirty Tigers, has announced new tour dates which begin June 6th. Smith, who recently concluded a successful tour with Peter Mulvey, will provide support for Patty Griffin on the West Coast, making stops in San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, amongst others. See below for a list of dates.

Hummingbird, Smith's purest, most elegant set of recordings to date, is a moving mix of modern-day folk tunes and other traditional songs that reach as far back as the 15th century. "Some artists are a bit precious when approaching old folk songs, not trusting the sturdiness with which they've survived hundreds of years of interpretation. Smith doesn't do that," said Folk Alley in its premiere of the album. "He wraps himself around them and them around him, tugging here and stretching there to make them fit his own needs, while never abandoning the heart of their matters. Two things hit the listener right away: Smith's singing and playing. He's exceedingly gifted at both," they remarked. "His honey voice is the raw, unfiltered sort - sweet, smooth, and healing, but with a hint of grit when you want it most." "Folklore must maintain an ongoing conversation between the past and present," PopMatters noted, "and that is what we hear in the beauty and mastery of Smith's playing."





Smith, who has released five albums and toured the world for almost fifteen years playing as a session guitarist and singer for the likes of Joan Baez, Lisa Hannigan, and David Gray, became a folk devotee as a teenager after hearing artists like John Renbourn for the first time. Renbourn, a major inspiration and influence on Smith's art, has since dubbed the artist "the future of folk music."

"The six strings of my guitar have granted me access to a sacred space between things, the unconscious interweaving sensations that allow us that gentle buzz on hearing a good folk song," Smith explains of his journey. "I've been immeasurably fortunate to open for and even play with some of my heroes and influences in the folk world. Their work and their generosity of spirit have been a constant reminder that I must keep playing, recording and touring, no matter the cost," he continues. "There is always work to be done in the service of good music."

Hummingbird is available for download HERE.


6/6 - Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix, AZ

6/7 - Rialto Theatre - Tuscon, AZ

6/8 - Belly Up - Solana Beach, CA

6/9 - Pappy & Harriet's - Pioneertown, CA

6/12 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA

6/14 - Revolution Hall - Portland, OR

6/15 - Neptune Theatre - Seattle, WA

6/16 - Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, BC

Photo Credit: Rose Cousins

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Dear friends,

I hope you’re well. Spring is here in full effect. Butterflies are gambolling in the fields, lambs are hatching from their cocoons and beardy folksingers are packing their suitcases for adventures overseas.

I’m heading to Nashville on Tuesday to rejoin the Peter Mulvey tour. While I’m there I’ll take a minute to play a solo set in Grimey’s record store May 8th! And I’ll try not to bankrupt myself in Carter’s Vintage Guitars.

Hummingbird has been out worldwide for over a month now. To celebrate this I’m giving away a signed LP and hand-written lyric sheet of the winner’s choice, the least I can do for all the support this record has received. Enter by 11:59pm CT April 30th / 5:59am GMT May 1st.

I was very fortunate to make a video for Hummingbird with my friend the filmmaker Simon Whitehead, in my adopted home county of Somerset. Simon produces That Pedal Show - one of my favourite geeky pleasures.

We enlisted the help of ballerina Adelie Lavail to interpret the song in a way that I hope will resonate with you, dear listener. You can watch below. 


When the month of May rolls away I’ll board the boat for North America again, this time to open for the great singer and songwriter Patty Griffin. I’m starting in Phoenix AZ, driving up through California and Oregon to Vancouver. 

I'm really excited to see her perform again, I last played with her in the Transatlantic Sessions in 2015. I’ll have a chance to visit some new places on this trip to the shimmering west. I hope to see some of you there!

The Summer brings festivals and special one-off shows like my solo gig at Nell’s Jazz & Blues, London June 19th and Tønder Festival in August. I’ll also board the Gomez bus in July to open for their Liquid Skin 20th anniversary tour! Last year’s tour was a blast, and these gigs will probably sell out quick...

Anyway, you can get tickets for all my shows at the usual place.

In between all of this I’m writing songs and wondering how Game Of Thrones will end. What a time to be alive!

Thank you for reading.

Wishing nothing but the best,



Jun 19 -- London, UK  TICKETS
Jun 21-23 -- Black Deer Festival, UK  TICKETS
Jul 6 -- Blackpool, UK  TICKETS
Jul 18 -- Bexhill-on-sea, UK +  TICKETS
Jul 21 -- London, UK +   TICKETS
Jul 23 -- Sheffield, UK +   TICKETS
Jul 24 -- Glasgow, UK +   TICKETS
Jul 26 -- Manchester, UK +   TICKETS
Aug 16 -- Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, UK  TICKETS
Aug 17 -- FolkEast, UK  TICKETS
Aug 22-25 -- Tønder Festival, DE  TICKETS

* with Peter Mulvey
^ with Patty Griffin
+ with GOMEZ

May 2 -- Nashville, TN (USA)*  TICKETS
May 3 -- Atlanta, GA (USA)*  TICKETS
May 4 -- Asheville, NC (USA)*  TICKETS
May 5 -- Charlotte, NC (USA)*  TICKETSMay 8 -- Nashville, TN (USA)  TICKETS
May 16 -- Dublin, Ireland  TICKETS
May 24-25 -- Fanø Vesterland, DE  TICKETS
Jun 6 -- Phoenix, AZ (USA)^  TICKETS
Jun 7 -- Tucson, AZ (USA)^   TICKETS
Jun 8 -- Solana Beach, CA (USA)^   TICKETS
Jun 9 -- Pioneertown, CA (USA)^   TICKETS
Jun 12 -- San Francisco, CA (USA)^   TICKETS
June 14 -- Portland, OR (USA)^   TICKETS
June 15 -- Seattle, WA (USA)^   TICKETS
June 16 -- Vancouver, BC (CAN)^   TICKETS


Design2-JS Facebook Post.jpg

Dear friends,

I’ve wanted to release an album worldwide for a long time. It’s a thrill and a privilege to send out Hummingbird for a wider audience via Commoner Records / Thirty Tigers today. I hope it reaches new people; fingers crossed, they might enjoy it as much as I did the recording process.

You can get the album wherever you love to listen to music:
Apple Music
Google Play

We've put together a playlist on YouTube of the audio of each of the tracks, you can give it a listen HERE.

It would mean the world if you would share these videos, and spread the word that Hummingbird is finally available worldwide for all to enjoy. 

Visit YouTube now.

I'm currently on the ground in the US, and had a lovely first show with the great Peter Mulvey in New Hampshire last night. If you have friends across the pond, send them our way for the remaining shows! Tonight we're in NYC, a perfect place to celebrate the worldwide release of Hummingbird

It’s an amazing thing to be able to do this. Thanks for all your support!


John x

PS  I'll be at Paste Studio NYC today, you can tune in at 12:30pm EST for a live session! Watch it on YouTube or Facebook


Mar 22 -- New York,  NY (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 27 -- Vienna, VA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 28 -- Philadelphia, PA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 29 -- Northampton, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 30 -- Northampton, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 31 -- Cambridge, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Apr 5 -- Bath, UK  SOLD OUT 
Apr 11 -- London, UK+  SOLD OUT
Apr 12 -- London, UK+  SOLD OUT
Apr 26 -- Shipley, UK  TICKETS
May 2 -- Nashville, TN (USA)*  TICKETS
May 3 -- Atlanta, GA (USA)*  TICKETS
May 4 -- Asheville, NC (USA)*  TICKETS
May 5 -- Charlotte, NC (USA)*  TICKETS
May 16 -- Dublin, Ireland  TICKETS
May 24-25 -- Fanø Vesterland  TICKETS
Jun 21-23 -- Black Deer Festival  TICKETS
Aug 15 -- Purbeck Valley Folk Festival  TICKETS
Aug 16-18 -- FolkEast  TICKETS
Aug 22-25 -- Tønder Festival  TICKETS
* with Peter Mulvey
+ with Eric Bibb


With his latest release, Hummingbird, Smith further solidifies his role as rightful successor to the Brit-folk crown.

...Smith is not inventing some radical new British folk music; rather, he is carrying the past forward in a way that maintains its traditions while adding contemporary flourishes, tipping his cap to the past while welcoming listeners to enjoy it in the present moment. Folklore must maintain an ongoing conversation between the past and present, and that is what we hear in the beauty and mastery of Smith's playing.

— Ed Whitelock forPopMatters. Read on for the full review.