It’s a beautiful record, a delicate yet care-worn one that holds the weight of the centuries as well as the lightness of the joy that Smith takes in playing each and every one. There are ten tracks on the album including three originals (of which the title track is the most accomplished), one cover (1971’s “The Time has Come” by Anne Briggs), and six traditional folk songs, mainly from the British canon. They are rousing and handled with the gruff care of a father for his new-born, though the darkness and mournful storytelling, along with the hard-worn angle to Smith’s voice, help them to retain their keen edge. And boy, are these sharp.

All the arrangements are pleasingly simple as one might expect from a tribute to the heroes of old. The instrumentation is delicately selected and recorded by a producer who clearly has bags of sympathy for the art-form and love of the project.

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