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Dear friends,

I’ve wanted to release an album worldwide for a long time. It’s a thrill and a privilege to send out Hummingbird for a wider audience via Commoner Records / Thirty Tigers today. I hope it reaches new people; fingers crossed, they might enjoy it as much as I did the recording process.

You can get the album wherever you love to listen to music:
Apple Music
Google Play

We've put together a playlist on YouTube of the audio of each of the tracks, you can give it a listen HERE.

It would mean the world if you would share these videos, and spread the word that Hummingbird is finally available worldwide for all to enjoy. 

Visit YouTube now.

I'm currently on the ground in the US, and had a lovely first show with the great Peter Mulvey in New Hampshire last night. If you have friends across the pond, send them our way for the remaining shows! Tonight we're in NYC, a perfect place to celebrate the worldwide release of Hummingbird

It’s an amazing thing to be able to do this. Thanks for all your support!


John x

PS  I'll be at Paste Studio NYC today, you can tune in at 12:30pm EST for a live session! Watch it on YouTube or Facebook


Mar 22 -- New York,  NY (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 27 -- Vienna, VA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 28 -- Philadelphia, PA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 29 -- Northampton, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 30 -- Northampton, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 31 -- Cambridge, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Apr 5 -- Bath, UK  SOLD OUT 
Apr 11 -- London, UK+  SOLD OUT
Apr 12 -- London, UK+  SOLD OUT
Apr 26 -- Shipley, UK  TICKETS
May 2 -- Nashville, TN (USA)*  TICKETS
May 3 -- Atlanta, GA (USA)*  TICKETS
May 4 -- Asheville, NC (USA)*  TICKETS
May 5 -- Charlotte, NC (USA)*  TICKETS
May 16 -- Dublin, Ireland  TICKETS
May 24-25 -- Fanø Vesterland  TICKETS
Jun 21-23 -- Black Deer Festival  TICKETS
Aug 15 -- Purbeck Valley Folk Festival  TICKETS
Aug 16-18 -- FolkEast  TICKETS
Aug 22-25 -- Tønder Festival  TICKETS
* with Peter Mulvey
+ with Eric Bibb


With his latest release, Hummingbird, Smith further solidifies his role as rightful successor to the Brit-folk crown.

...Smith is not inventing some radical new British folk music; rather, he is carrying the past forward in a way that maintains its traditions while adding contemporary flourishes, tipping his cap to the past while welcoming listeners to enjoy it in the present moment. Folklore must maintain an ongoing conversation between the past and present, and that is what we hear in the beauty and mastery of Smith's playing.

— Ed Whitelock forPopMatters. Read on for the full review.


On his new release, Hummingbird, traditional tunes and contemporary themes effortlessly entangle themselves to create a wonderful and worthy addition to the English folk canon.

Two things hit the listener right away: Smith's singing and playing. He's exceedingly gifted at both. His honey voice is the raw, unfiltered sort — sweet, smooth, and healing, but with a hint of grit when you want it most. 

Some artists are a bit precious, when approaching old folk songs, not trusting the sturdiness with which they've survived hundreds of years of interpretation. Smith doesn't do that. He wraps himself around them and them around him, tugging here and stretching there to make them fit his own needs, while never abandoning the heart of their matters

— Kelly McCartney for Folk Alley. Read on for the full review.


Dear friends,

I’m truly excited to tell you that Hummingbird will be released worldwide on March 22nd via Thirty Tigers. I’ve always wanted to properly release an album beyond the UK and the fact that it’s this album means a great deal to me. Hopefully this music will reach people in new and exciting ways!

The album will be released on the day I play NYC. I expect there’ll be stretch limos, hot tubs and penthouse suites (or maybe instead, a good crowd at the City Winery where I’ll open for the great Peter Mulvey). I’m really excited by all of this, as you can imagine.

Thanks for all your support so far, I wouldn’t have made it to this point without you. Onwards and up!

JS x



"Mesmerizing" - 4/5 MOJO

"delivered softly and gorgeously to warm you in the winter." - 
The Guardian

“Beautiful reworkings of folk staples” - 10/10 
Guitarist Magazine

"with Hummingbird John manages to confirm his position as one of this generation's most important folk singers" - Music News

"A work of mature and subtle beauty, celebrating songs that are still being sang and ones that will carry on being sang; this album should be heard by everyone." - Folk Radio UK



Mar 21 -- Newlondon, NH (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 22 -- New York,  NY (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 27 -- Vienna, VA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 28 -- Philadelphia, PA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 29 -- Northampton, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 30 -- Northampton, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Mar 31 -- Cambridge, MA (USA)*  TICKETS
Apr 5 -- Bath, UK  TICKETS
Apr 26 -- Shipley, UK  TICKETS
May 2 -- Nashville, TN (USA)*  TICKETS
May 3 -- Decatur, GA (USA)*  TICKETS
May 4 -- Asheville, NC (USA)*  TICKETS
May 5 -- Charlotte, NC (USA)*  TICKETS

* with Peter Mulvey

Feb 8 -- Kingskerswell, UK  TICKETS 
Feb 9 -- Ilfracombe, UK  TICKETS
Feb 24 -- Manchester, UK  TICKETS
Feb 27 -- Cologne, Germany  TICKETS
Feb 28 -- Amsterdam, Netherlands  TICKETS
Mar 2 -- Frankfurt, Germany  TICKETS
Mar 3 -- Hamburg, Germany  TICKETS
Mar 5 -- Oslo, Norway  TICKETS
Mar 6 -- Stockholm, Sweden  TICKETS
Mar 7 -- Copenhagen, Denmark  TICKETS
Mar 12 -- Vienna, Austria  TICKETS
Mar 13 -- Salzburg, Austria  TICKETS
Mar 14 -- Graz, Austria  TICKETS
Mar 15 -- Lustenau, Austria  TICKETS


Dear friends,

Happy new year. I hope wherever you find yourself on this bright and frosty morning (at least it’s frosty here in Somerset), that you’re well and things are alive with promise. After a restful month off the road (decorating, Christmas-ing, drinking, Game Of Thrones-ing, practicing, more decorating) I’m going back on tour this week. I’m ready for it! 

There are a few exciting things on the horizon -

  • I’m returning to Celtic Connections for the John Martyn Tribute. Danny Thompson called me and asked what I was doing January 27th… I said ‘whatever you tell me to do’, so that’s where I’ll be; singing a few for Big John.

  • Playing at Folk Alliance International in Montreal, which gathers the international folk scene for a weekend.

  • Releasing Hummingbird worldwide (stay tuned for more details!!) 

  • And touring in the United States in support of the great Peter Mulvey

This tour will take me from the UK to Canada to Germany and Austria via Norway, Sweden and Denmark… and finally to the USA. I’d love to see you at a show!
Find tickets on the SHOWS page.

Do you ever become obsessed with a song and can't put it down? I have two Spotify playlists for you…  

That’s it from me. All the best and Happy New Year folks!

JS x


John’s mesmerizing voice and superb guitar playing bring a depth and clarity to the familiar songs in a way that breathes new life into the music. The late John Reborn once described Smith’s approach as “the future of folk music” and this collection confirms that it certainly is in safe hands.

This is a great album by a great performer and you should have it in your collection. If this is indeed the future of folk music, bring it on!

—Living Tradition


Dear friends,

I’ve had a marvellous time of it on the road so far, beginning in Scotland with John McCusker and Ben Nicholls, then joining up with John and Joe McGurgan, for a run of shows that resumes this week. The audiences have been generous and the venues have been really sweet. I couldn’t ask for much more…except perhaps, more gigs.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce a new run of UK solo dates! I’ll be playing some cities that you told me I should return to, and some others that I thought I’d visit anyway. I hope to see you out there.

In amongst these dates is a very special show for Celtic Connections; I’ll be playing the John Martyn tribute, ‘Grace & Danger’.

I was in Hank’s on Denmark St the day I heard John Martyn was dead. I had spent the last two years opening for him around the UK, finding a foothold in the touring circuit as a direct result. John’s acceptance of my presence within his touring machine changed my life in just about every way imaginable. I mourned for the man. He was several different people in one body and I caught a glimpse of each one, I think.

Almost ten years later I got a call from Danny Thompson, inviting me to pay tribute to John with him and his friends. I said Yes Sir. Life moves in weird and often beautiful circles. I’m looking forward to this show more than words can say.

JS x